Vote For Our Environment on November 5

Every day around our great city, you can see proof of the commitment of Rocky River residents to a cleaner environment. When an author speaks at our library about an environmental issue, such as plastic consumption, the author is greeted with a packed auditorium. Hybrid and EV cars are more commonplace, and there is even a new EV charging station at Whole Foods. Residents are favoring green products in their purchases, even if they cost a little more. People are grocery shopping using their own cloth bags. Homeowners are using fewer lawn chemicals. Volunteers are cleaning up our beachfronts. Our community understands the importance of this issue.

Here is my environmental plan for Rocky River if elected, starting 1/1/2020:


  • As a candidate who has been endorsed by environmental organizations like the Sierra Club, I am committed to a Green Energy Economy, which means the following:
    • -Rocky River will join Cleveland and other nearby suburbs to commit to a 100% renewables and efficiency electrical system by year 2035;
    • -Rocky River  will work with the Ohio legislature, neighboring communities, and the EPA to clean up Lake Erie, thereby preserving our drinking water, wetlands, and wildlife.
    • Rocky River will engage in regular discussions with other Lake Erie lakefront communities, from Toledo to Ashtabula, to develop regional solutions to the ongoing environmental crisis on Lake Erie;
    • -Rocky River will promote the reduction of plastic consumption and improved recycling programs, and improve the City’s 43% recycling rate (compared to 64% in Bay Village). This includes enforcement of the county initiatives to eliminate single-use plastic bags, as well as restarting curbside pickup of cardboard; In 2018 The city ranked only 25th of the 59 Cuyahoga communities in its recycling and composting rate. Full County Statistics Here
    • -Rocky River will support the IceBreaker Wind Farm project on Lake Erie, and will take action now, so that in the future residents will be able to convert to a 100% clean energy source for their electricity;
    • Currently Rocky River’s tree coverage (canopy) ranks near the bottom of all cities in Cuyahoga County, behind cities such as East Cleveland. Rocky River will commit to more tree planting and the preservation of our green spaces through more green building codes and better use of city owned lands. Full County statistics Here
    • When the city removes a resident’s tree lawn tree, the city will plant a replacement tree without any cost to the resident;
    • The recent dumping of paint into our river and onto our shoreline is a sign that contractors and vendors who work in Rocky River or are hired by Rocky River feel no pressure from the city to act in a safe, environmentally responsible manner. Below is a view of the paint-stained cliffside, which should be cleaned up by the city ASAP, in an environmentally responsible way that causes no further pollution to the water or land.

Read the full article about this incident

  • The environmental impact of all major city vendor contracts will be reviewed by city council on a regular basis. Heads of City Departments will be evaluated based on the conduct of the vendors they hire.

Bradstreet Landing Pier

Presently, the city has only raised less than 1/3 of the projected cost of rebuilding Bradstreet Landing, which is over $3.5 Million.

Considering what we saw from Mother Nature in 2019, with drastic increases in Lake Erie’s water levels, I believe that any new construction project should be well planned, so that it is built to withstand volatile weather events, It should also be built with minimum adverse impact to marine life and wildlife, and with recycled materials as much as possible.

Finally, a lofty goal would be that someday, the lake will be clean enough that it will be safe to eat a fish that is caught from the pier, without fear of ingesting harmful chemicals. A Rocky River city government who is a vocal advocate for Lake Erie cleanup initiatives will be a start, and that is my pledge if elected on 11/5/2019

Your Vote Matters on November 5, 2019. Vote for Robert E. McRae, Ward 3 City Council