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Click on the button above if you wish to donate to this campaign. Donated funds will be used for postage and printed materials.

Donations can also be made by mail: mail a check payable to

McRae For City Council,c/o Jerry Wesley, Treasurer, 19313 Shoreland Avenue, Rocky River, OH 44116

In addition, Please E mail us at robmcraeforcitycouncil@gmail.com or call 440.429.7483 is you would like to volunteer a few hours of time to the campaign. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals for the following volunteer functions, between July and November 2019.

Telephone Bank, Writing Post Cards, IT/Social Media Support, Neighborhood Canvassing.

During my campaign I plan to distinguish myself from my incumbent opponent, and convince voters that my candidacy will give them an opportunity for their voice and their 2019 priorities to be reflected in city services and programs. My core principles and policies consist of the following:

  • Fair and Equitable City Spending and Taxation Policies
    • Responsible spending on capital projects, such as the police station, Bradstreet Landing , roads and other infrastructure;
    • Relief from recent 15-20% increases in property taxes, particularly on seniors. My proposed Rocky River Homestead Credit (RRHC) will ease the tax burden of retirees, by freezing their assessed home values  at the time of their enrollment in the Ohio Homestead credit program. (normally age 65). My program is tax-neutral.
    • The city is not a bank; windfalls in income tax revenue received in 2015-2019 (since the 33% income tax rate increase) should be spent on additional city services and new programs.
  • Allocation of more funds to environmental cleanup and the preservation of our city’s green spaces
    • Increased recycling; curbside cardboard pickup; encouragement of resident business reduction of single-use plastic products;
    • Advocacy of Lake Erie and clean air/water initiatives;
    • Increased, more strategic tree replacement policies
  • Improvement of City to Resident Relations
    • City Council members will become a trusted resource to residents, connecting residents in need to available assistance programs (addiction, food/financial assistance, mental health);
    • City Council members will ensure all that city employees and city-hired contractors will adhere to a high standard of conduct, respectful of the rights of all people. Zero-tolerance discrimination policies will be implemented within the city;
    • Improved safety and security services and police-citizen relations (resident and non-resident);
    • Complete financial transparency by the city.

Please Vote “Rob for River” on November 5. Thank you!

What is the Rocky River Homestead Credit?

The RRHC is a property tax relief program proposed by RR 2019 City Council candidate Robert E. McRae.

The RRHC will the mirror the existing Ohio Homestead Credit, and will insulate Rocky River homeowners,  aged 65 or older,  against property tax increases during their retirement years.  In 2019 many seniors are experiencing a 15-20% increase in their annual property tax bill, due to the real estate market conditions. This has created an unexpected tax revenue windfall for the City. Fairness dictates that this money be refunded.

Under the RRHC, residents who qualify for the Ohio Homestead credit will automatically be enrolled in the RRHC program, and will be eligible for a reduction of their property tax bill, payable as an annual refund payment.

 The assessed value of their property of retirees will be frozen at the date of their enrollment in the Ohio Homestead program, which is normally when they reach age 65. Rocky River will recalculate a taxpayer’s prior year tax bill, and will issue payment of a refund check before January 31 of the following year.

Since Rocky River’s share of each taxpayer’s tax bill represents only about 13% of what is charged to residents, only 13% of a resident’s property tax bill will be used in the computation.

Example: Eligible Property Owner with $200,000 appraised value at Age 65; present value at age 70 is $250,000:

Rebate Amount: approximately $155/year. May increase as market conditions increase the home’s market value.

This plan will be tax neutral to the city. Tax collections on substantially under-appraised properties will be aggressively enforced, and this will pay for the RRHC.

The Rocky River Recycling Numbers Are In (And They Could Be Better)

The Tree Coverage (Canopy) Numbers Are In Too

Only 31% Tree Coverage. The County Average is 37%. We can do better.

My pledge is that as a Member of Rocky River City Council, I will make sure our city plants more trees on tree lawns and other city-managed lands. We will also encourage residents who are making major property changes to respect their property’s green spaces, and try to make landscaping changes that do not noticeably reduce tree coverage or green spaces. This can be accomplish while respecting the owner’s rights.

How to Read Your Tax Bill (Here is An Analysis of Mine):

Robert and Laurie McRae, happily married since 2003, residents of Rocky River on Shoreland Avenue.

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